The Purpose of My Newsletter

Posted on: August 19th, 2015 by Peter Lindemann

As we approach the mid-way point in our Annual Conference Presentation Releases, I get an increase in complaints that “this Newsletter is just a bunch of ads!” For any of you who are still reading this, if you feel that way, I apologize. The fact is this. All of the other Free Energy News services are still telling their readers that Free Energy machines are a mystery, and that nobody really knows how these technologies work. That just isn’t true anymore!

And that is the difference, here. Starting 8 years ago, we started publishing comprehensive materials, for serious researchers, on the governing principles of how these technologies work. Today, we have published over 40 different books and lectures on over a dozen different methods to produce Free Energy. Some of these devices have been replicated by THOUSANDS of people all over the world! I constantly get emails from engineers who have just discovered one of our products. Here is a recent example:

“I just finished watching your film on Electric Motor Secrets. One word comes to mind: phenomenal. I have two bachelors degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering and another in Electrical Engineering, in addition to a MS Degree in Applied Thermodynamics. I can only say this video shows elegantly how easy it is to achieve what not only academia, but also industry engineering all over, either ignores or denies. I have over 30 years experience in different industries, some of which involve electric motors or generators. What this video shows, however, I had not seen anywhere before. Many thanks for opening my mind to the possibility of this life-changing technology.”  JG

The problem with people who unsubscribe from my Newsletter, is that we are actually offering them what they want. They want to learn more about Free Energy, but they don’t want help pay for the effort it takes to bring that knowledge to them. They somehow expect the full, technical details of a Free Energy Machine to be contained in a 140 character TWEET, which should rightly be given away for nothing. The fact is, many of these technologies have taken their inventors decades to perfect, and all they are asking in return for a professional presentation of proprietary information is what it might cost you to take your “significant other” out to dinner, just once!

So, if you are looking for another re-hash of old information, or that standard “railing against the conspiracies” stuff, then my Newsletter is definitely NOT the service you want! This website, this Blog, and my Newsletter are dedicated to alerting you to the fact that NEW and significant information is being released, to further your education in the Free Energy Sciences.


There is plenty of free information on this website and most pages DO have references which lead to advanced, educational materials on those topics. If you don’t want to learn anything more about that topic at that time, please feel free to ignore the “ads.” But don’t fail to understand that the materials ARE available.

In my continuing efforts to bring you more free information, I have just finished a new page that shows one of the most powerful methods to produce Free Energy ever published. This process was originally published in my lecture Open System Thermodynamics, but a simplified overview of the method is now also presented on my new page titled: CONSERVATION. Check it out…. you’ll really like it.


versoralgebra2-174xBonus Product Release by Eric Dollard

Today marks the release of Eric Dollard’s second volume on Versor Algebra. The complete title of this book is: Versor Algebra Vol. II, Special Theories of Sequence Operators as Applied to Power Engineering. It takes the methods developed in the first volume and applies them to specific engineering situations. With the publication of these two books, Eric Dollard cleans up all of the mathematical ambiguities left unclarified by Heaviside, McFarlane, and Steinmetz over 100 years ago.

Follow this Link to Learn More:

Coming Presentation Releases

The next product release coming up will be on Tuesday, August 25th. That is when Aaron Murakami’s Conference Lecture on Plasma Ignition for Wasted Spark Systems will become available. This Lecture continues on where the material in Ignition Secrets leaves off.

In the Next Couple of Days

I’ll be sending out other newsletter reminders as some of these other presentations are released, along with a quick link that takes you directly to the page that describes the product in more detail. For your convenience, here are the links to the presentations released so far:

Paul’s Conference Lecture:

Jim’s Conference Lecture:

Eric’s Conference Lecture:

Eric’s New Book on Versor Algebra:

That’s it for now. Thanks again for your interest in the Advanced Energy Sciences, and for helping make this a better world!

Warm regards,
Peter Lindemann, DSc