The Mono-Thermal Junction of Walter Lovell

Posted on: August 25th, 2015 by Peter Lindemann

Thank you for continuing to read this Blog. My goal is to help you understand that the Free Energy field already has plenty of spectacular “new sources” of energy that can be developed at the industrial level. We don’t need to LOOK FOR any new energy sources to make Free Energy happen . As an example of this, I hope you took a look at my new page on Conservation.  It shows the fundamental principles of using energy from the environment, and even how to “recycle” energy, to use again and again. These are methods that most Free Energy sites ignore, but are among the most available and least expensive to use.

New Featured Inventors Added!

In the last week, I have added three more new pages that I am really excited to present to you. These are really significant inventors who you may never have heard of.

The first new inventor I’d like to introduce you to is Walter Lovell. Walter did us all a great big favor, when at the age of 28, he invented the “twist-off bottle cap”!!! But he went on to do some really extraordinary things after that, including the discovery and development of the “Mono-Thermal Junction.” Lovell’s Monothermal, sold-state junction converts temperature into electricity. It is the first Heat-to-Electricity converter that does NOT need a “cold side” to maintain high efficiency operation. This is a huge technological development, and way more important than “solar panels” because the Monothermal panel can produce electricity all day and all night! What this means is that the panels do NOT have to be exposed to the harsh elements of the weather, like sand storms in the desert, or hail in the winter, or rain in the tropics to produce power. They simply need to be warm to produce electricity. To learn more about this extraordinary technology, take a look at the new page, at Walter Lovell.

The second one is William Skinner. Skinner was a brilliant engineer and machinist who developed a way to use Gravity as a “force multiplier” in a machine. Information on this machine has been in general circulation for about a year and a half, but here I show how it fits into the general class of machines I call “mechanical amplifiers.” If you are new to this field and have not heard of Skinner’s work before, please take a look at my page on him, at William Skinner.

The third inventor I’d like to introduce you to is Ridgway Banks. Ridgway was the first person to design and build a Nitinol Heat Engine in 1973, when he worked as a technician at Lawrence Laboratories, in Berkeley, California. 42 years later, no one has done more significant work to bring this technology to a practical application than he has. To get an idea of what has been done so far, check out my page on him, at Ridgway Banks.

I hope you like the new pages. These inventors may not be as well known as Nikola Tesla or John Bedini, but their hard work and contribution to science will definitely help build the momentum toward a future with clean, inexpensive energy for everyone.

2015 Conference Release by Aaron Murakami

plasmawastedspark174xToday marks the release of Aaron Murakami’s 2015 Energy Conference Lecture on Plasma Ignition for Wasted Spark Ignition Engines. This Lecture builds on his presentation at the 2014 Conference, where he showed the science and method of his advanced, plasma ignition system. In this Lecture, Aaron shows how to adapt this method to modern, computer controlled engines that use the “wasted spark” method, which today, is most cars on the road! This product is offered in an extremely generous “combo pack” with last year’s presentation, so definitely check it out.

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Coming Presentation Releases

The next product release coming up will be on Sunday, August 30th. That is when Al Throckmorton’s Conference Lecture on his adaptation of using periodic “Brown’s Gas” explosions to pump water at extremely low cost will be released. Watch for his presentation on The Lord’s Pump Project.


In the Next Couple of Days

I’ll be sending out other newsletter reminders as some of these other presentations are released, along with a quick link that takes you directly to the page that describes the product in more detail. For your convenience, here are the links to the presentations released so far:

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Thanks for all of your support, and keep on learning!

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