Over-unity Disclosure

Posted on: September 4th, 2015 by Peter Lindemann

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By next week, I plan to have more new pages up on the website, so you can keep learning the basics of this science for free. Until then, here’s the next Professional Lecture from this year’s 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference.


overunitydisclosure-174xConference Release by Graham Gunderson

Today’s release is Graham Gunderson’s 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference Lecture titled Over-unity Disclosure. This Lecture explains the history and development of the math and engineering principles needed to design working, solid-state transformer power supplies with a COP>1. Graham brings half his lab equipment and sets it up on stage, and shows everyone how to design and measure this kind of project!!!

floydsweet-174xHe also had a second time slot when one of the conference speakers failed to show up. In that presentation, Graham discusses his extensive research into Floyd Sweet’s “Vacuum Triode Amplifier” or VTA device. This presentation covers the remarkable characteristics of Barium Ferrite material, which was the “beating heart” of the Sweet VTA. Together, these presentations provide serious experimenters with a fact based foundation to build working systems. Technically awesome!¬† Great combo pack discount if you buy both.

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Coming Presentation Releases

The next product release coming up will be on Wednesday, September 9th. That is when Douglas Lindstrom‘s Conference Lecture on LENR and a Unified Field Theory will be released. Great Stuff!!!


In the Next Couple of Days

I’ll be sending out other newsletter reminders as more of these presentations are released, along with a quick link that takes you directly to the page that describes the product in more detail. For your convenience, here are the links to the presentations released so far:

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