What is Science?

Posted on: September 22nd, 2015 by Peter Lindemann

For all of the discussion about the importance of science, it is important to remember that science does not exist as an object in the Natural World.  It is a method of standardized inquiry into the characteristics of the Natural World, but it exists only in the mind of the inquirer.  Ideally, it is a discipline that is practiced with precision, where observations are accurate and their reporting is done dispassionately.  There is no agenda, other than the discovery of the Behaviors of Nature within the confines of the definition of the inquiry.  All observations are reported, especially the ones that do not fit the hypothesis, for they are the foreshadowing of greater knowledge to come.

Science is not a Club of Preferred Inquirers.  It is not a catalog of selected results.  And science is definitely not a “world view” that is capable of defining all of Human Experience.  These activities are political in nature, and represent the agenda of exclusion for the benefit of the excluders.

In the end, Science is the ability of the Human to ask the question of pure inquiry, which leads to the discovery of whatever actually exists.  What is ultimately realized is that the purity and precision of the question characterizes what is found just as much as the Nature of the World around us.


Last 2015 Conference Release by William Lyne

propulsion-174xThis final release is William Lyne’s 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference Lecture titled On the Parallel Propulsion Researches of Tesla and J.J. Thomson. This presentation goes back to the Theoretical World of the 1880s, where geniuses like Tesla, Thomson, Mendeleev, and others successfully described how electricity had “momentum” and gravity was related to electricity through the Aether. This laid the scientific foundations for electro-gravitic propulsion systems which both Tesla and Thomson worked on.

This lecture picks up where William’s lecture from the 2014 Conference leaves off. William Lyne is one of the only authors in the world who has followed this line of research. Here is your opportunity to rediscover a nearly “lost” technology.

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Here is the Final List of this year’s Conference Presentations:


Magnetic Energy Secrets, Part 3 by Paul Babcock:

The Dynaflux Concept and Lenz’s Law by Jim Murray:

The Power of the Aether by Eric Dollard:

Versor Algebra, Part 2 by Eric Dollard:

Plasma Ignition for Modern Cars by Aaron Murakami:

The Lord’s Pump Project by Al Throckmorton:

Simple Over-unity Transformer by Graham Gunderson:

ECE Unified Theory of Physics by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom:

Natural VLF Field Recording by Stephen P. McGreevy:

Parallel Propulsion Researches by William Lyne:


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