Bob Neal

bob-nealThe original idea of the ambient air heat engine was published by Nikola Tesla in 1900. But Tesla had not worked out what the best “working fluid” for the system would be.

After years of experimentation, Bob Neal filed for a US Patent in 1934 for an engine/compressor unit that ran continuously from a tank of compressed air. The engine produced excess mechanical energy while keeping its own compressed air tank full at all times.

When the Patent Office informed Bob Neal that his patent claim would be denied because it was a perpetual motion machine, he built a miniature working model, put it in a suitcase, and flew to Washington DC. He plopped the engine down on the patent commissioner’s desk, turned it on, and requested that he be granted his patent on the basis that the engine worked. His request was granted in 1936 with the issuing of US Patent #2,030,759.

Sometime after the patent issued, Bob Neal was visited by some German officials who requested that he share his secret with them. Their request was not granted. Shortly thereafter, Bob Neal’s daughter was kidnapped, and once again the German’s requested that he share his secret with them. As the story goes, Neal took his working models apart and scattered the pieces around the countryside. He informed the Nazis that he was through with the engine forever, and requested that they return his daughter, which they did.

A more probable scenario suggests that Neal traded the secret of the engine to the Germans to secure his daughter’s release, and then abandon any further work on it for the future safety of his family.

World War 2 was well underway in Europe, and the Germans were agressively procurring any advanced technologies they could find. Toward the end of the war, the Germans perfected their pulsejet propusion system, which was probably inspired by Bob Neal’s patent, since it uses the same ideas as the mysterious equalizer that allows low pressure air into his air tank. Of course, the Germans used their pulsejets to power their V-1 cruise missles to shower London with bombs.

Bob Neal’s breakthrough technology lay dormant for decades until Scott Robertson dug everything up again and built his astonishing website detailing the rich history of compressed air technology and the legacy of the ambient air heat engine demonstrated by Bob Neal in the 1930’s.

Before you lose your perspective on this, a compressed air engine that runs from a tank of compressed air that keeps itself at full pressure all of the time is NOT a “fake perpetual motion machine.” It is a HEAT ENGINE that runs by the extraction of heat from the ambient air, which was put there by the SUN. In the last analysis, its a Solar Engine!

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To put all of this into perspective, here is a reproduction of a Mickey Mouse comic strip from 1937! Goofy had a self-fuelling Air Car in 1937….so where is yours?

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