Bruce DePalma

bruce-depalmaBruce DePalma’s primary contribution to Science is the discovery that “Inertia is not a property of Mass. Inertia is a property of Space, and Space confers its Inertia on the Masses that occupy it”. He further discovered that the Inertial Field of Space can be polarized simply by rotating an object. Conventionally, this situation creates the appearance of Centrifugal Force at the perimeter of a rotating object, but DePalma discovered that it also produces a corresponding reduction of Inertial forces at the center of the rotating object. Neither Classical Mechanics, nor Quantum Mechanics, nor General Relativity predict or account for this phenomena, rendering them all obsolete.

DePalma went on to demonstrate that useful energy could be extracted from this Inertial Field Gradient under a number of circumstances.

A comprehensive essay on the life and work of Bruce DePalma is being prepared for this page. Until then, please read the following selection of articles, written by Bruce. They contain some of the most remarkable discoveries in Science in the last 100 years.

Gravity and the Spinning Ball Experiment
Experiments on Rotation
The N Machine
Sunburst N Machine
Secret of the Faraday Disc
How the Equivalence Engine Works
That is Science

For more information on Bruce DePalma, please visit the main website dedicated to his work:

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