Centrifugal Force

centrifugal-forceCENTRIFUGAL FORCE: Centrifugal force is generally not believed to be a source of energy. It is simply a FORCE that acts internally on all rotating objects, and therefore cannot be harnessed for the production of energy. Or is it?

In the 1960’s, Bruce DePalma ran some extraordinary experiments on the nature of rotation itself. These experiments demonstrated that the appearance of Centrifugal Force at the periphery of a rotating object is accompanied by a decrease in force at the center of a rotating object. These experiments convinced DePalma that rotation caused a radial distribution of INERTIA, and that Inertia was not a property of Mass, but a property of Space, and that Space conferred it’s Inertia on the objects that occupied it. His research proved that by rotating an object, an Inertial force gradient is produced between the center and the periphery and that energy can be extracted from the polarized Inertial Field.

In a near parallel development, a Sirian farmer developed a way to lift water against gravity, simply by rotating a vertical cone. Centrifugal force lifted the water, inertia kept the cone rotating, and the only energy needed to run the system was that required to overcome the small amounts of friction. The system became known as the Messias Machine since it was believed that it would “save the world” from expensive, poluting energy sources.

Recently, very simple apparatus with swinging pendulums and levers have demonstrated that energy CAN be extracted from centrifugal force, when an unbalanced oscillation between centrifugal force and gravity is created. The Two-stage Mechanical Oscillator of Veljko Milkovic is just such a machine.

There is also extensive historic evidence that Johann Bessler produced a mechanically powered engine, way back in 1712. One thing is now sure, with the right mechanical arrangement, an engine that is powered by centrifugal force can be made.

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