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eric_dollard3Eric Dollard is an electrical engineer and mathematician who probably knows more about how the public utility grid works than 99% of the engineers who actually work for the Utility Companies!  His historic work on longitudinal “wireless” signal propagation is legendary, and his mathematical expansion of the work of Charles Steinmetz is monumental.

Eric grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1950s and 1960s. He very early on showed an advanced aptitude for the electrical sciences, sometimes to the dismay of his parents and neighbors!  His formal training in electronics started with his time in the US Navy. After that, he also had the great, good fortune to live near the son of the inventor of electronic television, Philo T. Farnsworth. From these beginnings, Eric has never stopped learning.

By the 1980s, Eric was already functioning as an advanced mechanic and electrical engineer, in spite of his lack of any formal degrees. In 1984, he joined Tom Brown at Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, which lead to the production of the classic films in 1987 and 1988 titled Free Energy Research, Transverse and Longitudinal Electric Waves, and Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity, as well as his first papers on The Four Quadrant Theory of electricity described by Versor Algebra. Light-years ahead of the rest of us, Eric looks back on those days with the simple comment “I didn’t know anything back then!”

After his split with Borderlands, he focused on a number of projects of monumental historic and scientific importance.  These include his years of work documenting the layout of the original Marconi “Wireless” station at Bolinas, California and his construction of the largest “Earth Listening Station” ever built in civilian hands on the high desert in Landers, California. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Eric eventually lost possession of both of these facilities.  Fortunately, these projects were well documented during the time when they were happening, so the work is not entirely lost.

These projects are best documented in the book Wireless Giant of the Pacific and the 4-hour film titled Telluric Research, which is Eric’s complete tour of the Landers facility and associated “antenna farm.”

Deprived of his access to these projects, Eric set out to write down everything he knew about the history and science of these discoveries. To date, these works include The Lone Pine Writings, The Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity, Extraluminal Transmission Systems, and Versor Algebra, Parts 1&2.

With these publications, Eric has established himself as the foremost authority on the early history of wireless communication systems and the “instantaneous” or faster than light propagation methods of Tesla and Alexanderson. He has also demonstrated an intimate understanding of the underlying method of the transmission of electric power through the utility grid.

Currently, Eric maintains a relatively private life-style, quietly pursuing his studies. With the proceeds from these publications, Eric is finally benefiting, at least in a small way, from his lifetime of study and discovery.

To access all of Eric’s educational materials, please visit our Products page. To learn more about Eric’s work, consider purchasing any of his monumental publications. For more information on Eric’s current and continuing work, visit his official website at:

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