water-powered-car-300x168There is a rich history of methods that allow ordinary Internal Combustion Engines, including Jet Engines, to be operated on a fuel-air mixture that is produced from readily available components, and fabricated immediately before use.

The most common methods use electricity, water and air to produce either methane and carbon monoxide, or ammonia. Stan Meyer was one of the first in the USA to get significant publicity for work in this field, but he certainly wasn’t the first to explore these ideas.

It is also possible to use very small amounts of propane to dramatically improve the combustion characteristics of diesel fuel. Aaron Murakami, in his astonishing report on Water Fuel Secrets, lays bare the truth of who has been researching this field, and for how long.

There are even articles published in Russia that discuss the process of combusting AIR, using only traces of lubricating oil left in the cylinder, as enough to power the engine.

The point is, making Fuel-on-Demand is a long and well documented field, worthy of further research and development.

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