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This website is one of the oldest sites on the internet dedicated to the field of Free Energy.  Originally launched in 2000, it has now under-gone its third, total redesign.  This page is new in the 2015 version.

With this redesign, the purpose of this website is also changing. The “idea” of Free Energy is much more accepted now than it was 15 years ago. And during this period, a number of major inventors and researchers have started publishing significant works on the underlying principles of their technologies.

That development is allowing this website to begin functioning more as an on-line portal to public access to these publications. Many of these eBooks and recorded Lectures are designed for “entry level” students who want to learn about Free Energy in a more organized and accelerated way than just browsing the Internet and hoping they run into something important.

There are also quite a few publications here that are designed for advanced engineers, mathematicians, and physicists. Whatever level your education is on, and whatever your personal goals are for learning more about Free Energy technology, there are materials available on this site to help move you to the next step in your development.

With this in mind, the best way to use this site is to browse the various essays on the technologies or inventors that are featured here, and then purchase one of the entry level communications to discover how much faster your education can proceed. If you think of this website as the first On-line University with course materials in the Free Energy Sciences, you will understand how to use this site.

This page is still under construction, so come back again sometime to learn more.

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