New Website is Operational!

Posted on: August 2nd, 2015 by admin

Well, you can see that I am not much of a Blogger…yet.  But I am going to learn how to use this feature of my new website to stay more in touch with you.  The first thing I want to announce is that the new construct of this website is in place….WooHoo!  The old website had a navigation bar in the left column, but getting to the technologies section required a number of clicks to get in.  This new site has a floating navigation bar across the top, which always stays at the top of the page, even as you scroll down.  This means that you can now get to any page on the site from any other page with a single click, using one of the drop-down menus and sub-menus.  As of today, most of the sub-menus are activated, and the rest will be soon.

Another feature of this new site is that all of the pages that refer to other than technical aspects of Free Energy are now listed in the menu called Social Aspects.  There is also a new menu item called Featured Inventors where specific, important inventions or inventors are linked directly to those pages, regardless of which technology category they are listed in.

Some of the links still take you to pages as they appeared on the previous site.  This just means that a new page hasn’t been constructed to serve those functions yet.  Don’t worry, its OK.  These pages are now fully integrated in the new website and all of the links on these old pages lead back to the new site, so you won’t end up in some cyber cul-de-sac!

Thanks for visiting and reading this post.  I plan to make these blog posts a more regular feature of this site.

Thank you for being interested in new energy technologies, and for wanting to help create a better world.

Best regards,