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The Featured Inventors drop-down menu currently lists 13 Inventors who’s work is central to the themes of this website.  In general, those themes are that Free Energy is available right now by tapping into an energy source from the Natural Environment. Many of these systems also Conserve that energy and recycle it through the machine a number of times.

The general case for this method of energy management is made very convincingly in the Lecture named Open System Thermodynamics, but inventors have been using variations on these methods for decades.  The Featured Inventors listed here are some of the best documented examples.

This section lists the significant alternative energy inventions by Inventor, whereas the Technologies menu lists them by category. Both lists lead to the same inventor pages on this site.

Here is a full list of the 26 inventors featured on these pages.

Aaron Murakami
Bob Neal
Bob Teal
Bruce DePalma
Charles Brown
Edwin Gray
Eric Dollard
Jim Murray
Johann Bessler
John Bedini
John Houston
LUTEC (John Christie and Lou Brits)
Nikola Tesla
Paul Babcock
Paul Baumann
Peter Lindemann
Philo T. Farnsworth
Ridgway Banks
Robert Adams
Samuel Freedman
Stan Meyer
T. Henry Moray
Veljko Milkovic
Victor Schauberger
Walter Lovell
William Skinner

There are still periodic additions to this page, so check back once in a while to learn more.

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