Jim Murray

jim_murray-lgJim Murray is a brilliant electrical engineer, researcher, and inventor.  He has run hundreds of experiments on electrical resonant phenomena, designed and patented low-drag electric generators, and re-discovered the method Nikola Tesla used to “magnify the power” of an electrical generating system.  His Switched Energy Resonant Power Supply (SERPS) system has been demonstrated to operate at COP > 50 when operating resistive loads.

Jim Murray has lived the experiences that he writes and lectures about. He was born into a family of New Jersey lawyers and politicians during the exciting post war years. Early exposure to a unique set of historical and geographical circumstances propelled him into a very accelerated maturity. Always interested in Science and Engineering and blessed with endless energy and curiosity, his pursuit of knowledge started very early in life with Model Railroading, Amateur Radio, Photography, Biology and Archeology but quickly broadened to include Physics and Electrical Engineering.

The combination of broad scientific interests and an intense drive for exploration have powered the author through numerous adventures in the United States and abroad. But eventually he focused on the investigation of alternate energy sources in obscure areas of physics. Stimulated by the accomplishments of Nikola Tesla, Murray has invested over twenty five years of independent research into power generation, power transmission, and control methodologies, resulting in novel patents and uncommon expertise in his field.

Discoverer of the Power Oscillation Principle, Murray has applied this concept to numerous inventions over the years, the most note worthy of which is the Dynaflux Alternator, an electro-mechanical power converter which operates on completely novel principles. The United States Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness of his various technologies by issuing Jim multiple patents, including US Patent #4,780,632 for “Alternator Having Improved Efficiency.”

Author of numerous technical studies, engineering lectures, patent applications and research documents during the course of his career, Murray has recently directed his attentions to collaborating with Paul Babcock and publishing his life’s work in the form of periodic lectures and “Lab Tours” to educate the public about his discoveries. Currently he resides in Oklahoma and functions as an Engineering Consultant to private research firms.

To learn more, you can visit Jim’s website at: http://jimmurrayscience.com/jimmurray/ or click on any of the ads in the right column of this page to have access to some of his published works.

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