John Bedini

john-bediniJohn Bedini is one of the few “living legends” in the free energy field. He grew up in southern California and joined the Army after High School. The military immediately recognised John’s advanced aptitude for electronics, and trained him extensively. After finishing his tour of duty, he settled back in the Los Angeles area and worked for some of the big names in stereophonic equipment. Within a few years, he was designing equipment that was more advanced than his employers. Of course, he was rewarded by being fired!

Shortly thereafter, he formed Bedini Electronics with his brother Gary, and never looked back. Bedini Audio Amplifiers built in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s still sell on EBay for more than they did when new. His development of the BASE (Bedini Audio-Spacial Environments) holographic 3-D sound processing remains the pinacle of audio sound processing.

But John’s interests go way beyond audio. During the 1970’s, he also received training as a machine tool operator. Ultimately, he became proficient in the use of the Lathe, Vertical Mill, shear, brake and various welding techniques. Currently, his shop has all of these tools and is capable of fabricating nearly anything from one-of-a-kind circuit boards to experimental automobiles. Every once in a while, he’ll throw together a micro-watt FM transmitter, just for fun!

With all of these skills and equipment, John has been one of the World’s premeire Free Energy experimenters in the last 40 years. He has a “museum” of working prototype devices that includes multiple “self-running” machines. With a deep understanding of the political and financial resistance to these technologies, most of John’s devices remain “table-top demonstrators.”

His main interest has been in electric motor and generator combinations, as well as “regenerative” electric motors that produce mechanical energy while charging batteries at the same time. The US Patents linked below show two such designs, as well as other methods for charging batteries. (You can find all of John’s current line of “state-of-the-art” battery chargers at: TESLA CHARGERS.)

In 2003, John started releasing information to the public about one of his regenerative motor designs that a 10 year-old school girl had won a science fair with in his home town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. An article, written by Jeane Manning, even appeared in Atlantis Rising magazine about this story. At first, other experimenters on the internet discussion groups thought it would never work. John’s famous reply was “if a little school girl can built one and win….” why can’t you?

The association between the “school girl” and John’s patented design stuck, and the project rapidly became known as the “Bedini SG”. Now, after 10 years and thousands of replications all over the world, the “Bedini SG” is the most famous and best documented Free Energy device currently available.

Recently, I have had the privilege of co-authoring a series of manuals that teach this science from the ground up, to people just learning about it. The first book is titled BEDINI SG, The Complete Beginner’s Handbook. It gives the complete directions on how to build a working model of this amazing machine, based on John’s exact designs. Besides that, it also includes a detailed description of the circuit functions and the theory behind its operation.

The second book is titled BEDINI SG, The Complete Intermediate Handbook. This book picks up the instructions where the first book leaves off. It covers circuit optimizing, the effects of discharging capacitors into batteries, and more advanced theory, including the design’s relationship to earlier work done by Nikola Tesla in the 1890’s.

The third book is titled BEDINI SG, The Complete Advanced Handbook. This book delves deep into the origins and history of John’s Self-running Machines, explaining in full detail how the Low-Drag Generator really works and how you can build one yourself.

The complete Trilogy is now available, so you can learn everything there is to know about this REAL, self-running, electro-mechanical machine, and even build one for yourself.

Here are some other links for John’s patents and websites.

US Patent #6392370
US Patent #6545444
US Patent #6677730

John Bedini’s Energy Pages
John Bedini’s Audio Amplifiers
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