Newsletter Archive Links to past Up-Dates by Dr. Lindemann.

Dr. Lindemann’s Blog Posts replacing Newsletters by Dr. Lindemann, since January, 2015.

Energy Science Forum Excellent forum for hands-on experimenters.

Energetic Forum Used to be the BEST forum on alternative topics. Still has awesome archive of older threads.

The Wheel Great article on the History of the Wheel, recommended by Emily and Melissa!

John Bedini Website for the Life Work of John Bedini. This link is the ‘Welcome Page’ to John’s extensive site. Links to other pages are at the bottom of this page. The site covers free-energy, Rife, Stubblefield, ground radio, earth batteries, and more.

Tom Bearden Website for Dr. Tom Bearden. This is a great site for people who are interested in free energy theory and how it fits into classical physics.

Veljko Milkovic Excellent site featuring the inventions and research of Veljko Milkovic. Featured invention is the “Hand Water Pump with Pendulum”. This invention shows that a simple balance beam and a pendulum are capable of performing useful work to lift water with a 92% energy savings over a standard Hand Water Pump. This discovery could be the key to the redevelopment of a Mechanical Engine.

Sites on the work of the remarkable Johann Bessler and his Self-turning Wheel, built in 1712. This is the first, true “free energy machine”.

Rocky Mountain Institute is the most advanced conservation and alternative energy “think and do” consultancy in the world. Founded by Amory Lovins in the 1970’s, RMI is the leader in sustainable engineering methods and solutions.

Borderland Research This is the main website for the work of Tom Brown, with links to his other sites. This link is a portal to a truly alternative view of the world. Highly recommended for people not afraid to think.

Practical Guide to Free Energy Patrick Kelly’s extraordinary catalog of essays on hundreds of Free Energy machines. All of this material was written by Patrick Kelly, and represents his best understanding of how these technologies work. While it remains a great place for beginners to start learning about these systems, advanced engineers rarely reference it.

Rex Research Begun in the 1970s, the Rex Research archive is the largest collection of primary documents on ignored technologies in the world! Buy this entire website on CD for US$13.00. For serious researchers, this is a modest investment for one man’s lifetime of work.

LPG Mindworks Best site for straightening out any aspect of your LIFE with advanced sub-conscious reprogramming, also known as Hypnotherapy. Located in Ft. Collins, Colorado with clientel everywhere!

Bedini SG, The Complete Beginners Handbook Website for complete plans on how to build John Bedini’s amazing energy machine.

Classic Energy Videos Great collection of films from the 1980s, all filmed or produced by Peter Lindemann and Tom Brown.

Real Rain Making Complete collection of books and films documenting the weather engineering work of Trevor James Constable.

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