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MAGNETISM: Magnetism is a mysterious, invisible force. Both the Sun and the Earth have natural magnetic fields. Humans discovered natural magnets (lodestone) in ancient times, and the Chinese were first to use natural magnets to create the magnetic compass. Magnetism has always fascinated people. In 1821, Joseph Henry discovered how to make an artificial magnetic field using electricity flowing through a coil of wire. In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction, which is the basis of all commercially available electric motors and generators.

Harnessing the invisible force called Magnetism has already changed the world. It has given us electricity, radio, television, computers, and thousands of other things. But it's greatest gift to mankind is yet to be realized. Magnetism can provide a source of inexhaustible, pollution-free energy. In the last 120 years, dozens of inventors have reported success in harnessing magnetism to produce excess mechanical energy, electricity, and heat. Recently, there have even been reports of using magnets to produce refrigeration effects. With permanent magnets getting stronger and cheaper all the time, more and more researchers are probing the unknown properties of magnetism.

Here are a few of the amazing discoveries about magnetism that have been made in the last 40 years. Bruce DePalma discovered electricity could be extracted from a rotating magnetized cylindrical. This created the first electric generator that had a rotor, but no stator. Bob Teal discovered that very powerful electric motors could be built using electric solenoids pulling on a crank shaft system. Robert Adams discovered that huge amounts of heat could be generated by the magnetic field in what he called his "Thermo-motor." John Bedini discovered that electric motors could be designed that returned up to 90% of the input electricity without diminishing the mechanical motor torque. And finally, the team of John Christie and Lou Brits of LUTEC have built working models of machines that put a lot of these features together and produce more electricity than they run on.

In addition to all of this, Rosemary Ainslie has developed a new Magnetic Field Model that describes why these things may be possible, as well as run an experiment that demonstrates heat production from electricity at 16 times normal efficiencies.

All of these discoveries suggest that there is still plenty to learn about magnetism as a potential source of energy.

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