Mechanical Amplifiers

veljkopumpMechanical amplifiers are a class of machines that take advantage of a number of different mechanical processes to produce a net mechanical output that is greater than the net mechanical input provided by the user.  One of the simplest examples of this idea is the Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator invented by Serbian genius Veljko Milkovic.  This simple device consists of a weighted balance beam with a pendulum on one side.  Swinging the pendulum causes an oscillation between gravity and centrifugal force on the beam so that up to 12 times more work can be produced to pump water than it takes to keep the pendulum swinging.  Absolutely brilliant!!

skinner1While Veljko’s system is the easiest to understand, an even more advanced mechanism to harness gravity as a “force multiplier” was developed in 1939, by William Skinner. Skinner’s machine used completely rotational movements to multiple the power of an input electric motor by more than 12 times.

Other purely mechanical energy machines may also be covered as this page is developed further.

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