oceansThe oceans are the second largest solar collector on the planet. This stored solar energy can be retrieved from the oceans by harnessing the Waves, Tides, coastal Currents, and thermal differences (OTEC) in the water at different depths.

The energy density of moving water is very high. This means that Ocean Energy systems do not have to be very large to produce significant amounts of energy. Coupled with the fact that over 75% of the world’s population lives within 50 miles of the ocean, and you can see why Ocean Energy Systems are being developed rapidly at this time.

The following set of films illustrate these different ways energy is being harnessed from the Oceans.

This first film is an overview of developments in Ocean Energy projects in the UK, harnessing Waves and Tides.

This second film shows the plans being developed in China to build the largest Tidal Barrage Power System ever designed, and combine it with a transportation bridge to connect two cities, south of Beijing.

This third film shows the new Makai Ocean Engineering facility that just opened on the Big Island of Hawaii, where they are doing R&D to design 100 Mega-watt Ocean Thermal Energy systems to power all of the Hawaiian Islands!.

Clearly, harnessing Natural Energy from the Oceans is a promising development for the future

New Methods for Mini-Hydro Power

Another promising technology just coming on line is a way to harness the energy potential from Drinking Water flowing through pipes.  These systems are everywhere, and billions of gallons of water are “on the move” under all of our major cities and towns. These drinking water systems are usually pressurized by gravity. When a new style of turbine is placed in the pipe, the water flowing through the turbine can turn a generator without lowering the pressure in the pipe. The implications are enormous for the production of environmentally clean electricity throughout the entire city.

Here is a news clip about this new technology produced by PBS News in April, 2015.

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