Social Aspects

social-responsibility2The technology of Energy Abundance has many social repercussions.  These include: 1) how the economic benefits of energy production and use are distributed in society; 2) how we as individuals relate to each other individually, and in groups, when “survival” is no longer the primary consideration; 3) how we can learn to look at the total amount of energy used by a system, from its beginning to its end, and factor that into its “real cost” to use; and 4) how more efficient use of energy can lower the cost of transportation.

Currently, there are essays on the topic of our Energy Philosophy of Conserve, and use Natural Energy First. There is an essay on Social Responsibility concerning the relationship between the “rights” of the individual and the “needs” of society-at-large. There is also an essay addressing the way to design our homes, businesses, and machines as Whole Systems that can be integrated into even larger units. And finally, there is an essay titled Transportation that discusses how easy it is to use readily available technology to raise the mileage of our cars to over 100 Miles-per-Gallon of fuel.

There are other fields of social change that energy abundance will impact, including the “mortgage-free” home, and the value of money itself. Hopefully, essays on these topics will be posted here in the future. In the meantime, I hope there is enough presented here to get you to start thinking about how we will be interacting with each other in a future with Energy Abundance. Thank You!

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