Water Fuel

water-powered-car-300x168HYDROGEN: Hydrogen has been proclaimed to be the fuel of the future. Hydrogen is an extremely abundant element, as it is the major component of water (H2O). Hydrogen can be liberated from water with an electrical process called electrolysis, using any source of electricity available. When burned, hydrogen recombines with oxygen to form water vapor with no other pollutants. From an environmental point of view, you can see the appeal of hydrogen as a fuel.

Depending on how it is done, water electrolysis can produce three different products. 1) Separate hydrogen and oxygen gases, 2) an electrically expanded water molecule referred to as “Brown’s Gas”, or 3) a very volatile gas mixture referred to as “hyper-gas”. Some people believe this extremely explosive gas is H3O-OH. Others believe that this gas contains free hydrogen atoms, which are known to be more explosive than H2 molecules. Whatever it is, this last, most energetic product of electrolysis, seems to be the key to efficient use of hydrogen fuel from water.

Hydrogen and oxygen can also be produced by a special alloy invented by Samuel Freedman that spontaneously dissociates water. This discovery could make hydrogen available at very low cost, if commercialized. There are also other alloys that can catalyze the dissociation of water in the presence of low levels of heat.

There have also been proprietary methods of water electrolysis that can produce large amounts of hydrogen with relatively small amounts of electricity developed by Stan Meyer, and others.

One thing is for sure. Hydrogen fuel is in our future.

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