Archetypal “Free Energy” Machine

Posted on: September 9th, 2015 by Peter Lindemann

Over the years, my understanding of Free Energy technology has changed dramatically. I started out 40 years ago looking at specific inventions and assuming we needed to identify new SOURCES of energy. In the last 10 years, all that has changed. This website now focuses on teaching Fundamental Principles of Science and assumes that we have already identified all of the sources of energy society will ever need, and what we really need to do is MANAGE those energy resources more responsibly! Don’t get me wrong, I think new energy sources will continue to be discovered. All I am saying is that we don’t have to wait for some “breakthrough” to solve our current energy problems.

For some time now, we have been discussing “free energy” systems in terms of COP >1 rather than in terms of efficiencies >100%. We all have Tom Bearden to thank for correcting this terminology over 12 years ago. Now, for the first time, I bring this terminology back to its origins in the Heat Pump, and show how the “Regenerative Heat Pump” really is the Archetypal Free Energy Machine. This piece of the puzzle finally makes this subject perfectly clear for both the new-comers and the seasoned engineers, alike. All of this is fully integrated on my new pages on Heat Pumps, Conservation, Energy Philosophy, and Conventional Alternatives.

In addition to this, you may also be interested in seeing the short films on the huge Tidal Energy project being developed in China, and the new OTEC facility just commissioned in Hawaii, which uses heat pump technology to extract energy from temperature differences in sea water. You’ll find both of those stories on the new Oceans page.


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I would just like to express a Special Thank You to everyone who purchased the presentations by Al Throckmorton and Graham Gunderson. Both of these lectures proved to be more popular than I anticipated. Thank you for supporting the work of these lesser known, but long-time researchers!


2015 Conference Release by Douglas Lindstrom

ecetheory-174xToday’s release is Dr. Douglas Lindstrom’s 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference Lecture titled the ECE Unified Theory of Physics. It reviews the history of the development of the current Physics Model, as well as the new ECE (Einstein-Cartan-Evans) Theory of Physics. This Lecture was originally scheduled to be presented at the University of Utah, but was cancelled, due to the inclusion of an explanation of the Pons and Fleischmann “cold fusion” results from 1989. Dr. Lindstrom’s experiences clearly show that the official “Science Police” are still arresting progress within the science community at large.

Remarkably understandable for the layman, while covering significantly erudite subject matter. The filmed lecture comes with a PDF file with all of the slides shown in the presentation, as well as a transcript of the talking points. So, the package includes the material in two complete formats. If you want to see how close “modern science” is getting to “alternative science,” you may just want to take a look at this material!

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Coming Presentation Releases

The next product release coming up will be on Wednesday, September 9th. That is when Stephen P. McGreevy‘s Conference Lecture on The Art of Natural VLF Radio will be released. If you liked John Bedini’s reports on the work of Nathan B. Stubblefield, you’ll probably like this, as well.


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