The GEM™

The GEM™

The GEM is an advanced "blood electrifier". Its primary use is to attenuate all types of micro-organisms in the blood. Extremely gentle and easy to use, The GEM is in a class by itself for home based health enhancement.


In 1992, US Patent #5,139,684 issued to a Dr. Steven Kaali and his associates at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. Dr. Kaali discovered that the Aids Virus could be rendered "non-infectious" if it was exposed to extremely low levels of electric current. Ultimately, it was discovered that the process worked equally well on all viruses, all bacteria, all molds and fungi. When the electric current was applied in the proper way, it disabled the micro-organisms without harming the blood.

Dr. Kaali and his associates envisioned using this process in a hospital setting where the patient would be subjected to a "dialysis" type of procedure where the blood is withdrawn, moved through the electrifying process, and then returned to the patient. They also envisioned surgically implanting small batteries in patient's blood veins.

In 1994, Dr. Robert C. Beck learned of Steven Kaali's discovery and began experiments with a simple "TENS" like device where electricity was passed in and out of a person's blood stream using contact electrodes. Beck's procedure worked, but his methodology produced significant discomfort to the patient, including involuntary muscle contractions, pain and twitching.

In 1996, another group of investigators began researching this method in the Albuquerque area. They successfully developed a device that produced all of the benefits of attenuating the micro-organisms without any of the unwanted side-effects of the Beck Method. Their first unit was called the Bi-Pulse Pro. Only about 25 of these units were ever built.

One of the Albuquerque Group was Peter Lindemann. He realized that the Bi-Pulse Pro model, while being an excellent device, was difficult to manufacture and priced too high to be accessible to most users. To remedy these final issues, he worked with another electronics manufacturer to develop a device called The GEM. The GEM worked extremely well, and was successfully test marketed in limited quantities for the next twelve years.

Present Day

Today, The GEM is available through Clear Tech, Inc. It can safely deliver up to 700 micro-amperes of electric current into the blood stream with complete comfort. It uses a specialized 0.5 Hz wave-form, not used by other devices. With one electrode on each wrist, it can safely electrify a pathway over 5 feet in length. It's gentle signal effectively attenuates micro-organisms in the blood without any muscle or nerve interactions. This combination of gentle wave-form, higher current and longer pathway, makes The GEM up to 15 times more effective than other so-called "blood electrifiers".

The GEM comes complete with a connecting cable and a set of re-usable, self-adhesive electrodes. It is ready to use, right out of the box.

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