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In most locations in temperate climates, the temperature of the ground is about 55 F (13 C). This temperature is warmer than the winter air temperature and cooler than the summer air temperature. This makes it an ideal source of heat in the winter and a source of cold in the summer. By using geothermal sources and heat pump technology, the cost of heating and air conditioning buildings can be lowered year-round.

Standard methods for geothermal heating and cooling systems require the installation of a "ground loop" of pipes be installed to interact with the thermal properties of the earth. This initial expense can make geothermal systems expensive to install. One of the most innovative geothermal systems available today has found a way around this added expense.

Louis DeMarco was the founder of DeMarco Energy Systems of America, Inc. and the developer and co-inventor of the "Energy Miser System", a geothermal linked heat pump that extracts heat and/or cold from the temperature of the Municipal Water Supply, without using any of the water! This innovation allows almost any commercial, industrial, or residential building to enjoy the benefits of geothermal assisted heating and air-conditioning without the added expense of creating a local geothermal ground-loop.

Since its development, the DeMarco "Energy Miser System" has been installed at facilities in over eight states, including Air Force Bases, Elementary Schools, commercial buildings, and personal residences. The average energy savings with the system is 70%, with a very short ROI. The DeMarco "Energy Miser System" is one of the best examples of our "Conserve, and Use Natual Energy First" philosophy.

Today, this spectacular technology is available through Encore Energy Systems. Click HERE for a link to a short film describing the benefits of the "Energy Miser System".

I highly recommend that every building operated by a City, County, State or Federal government agency should use this technology to save money for the tax payers.


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