The X-Erase

The X-Erase

The X-Erase is a new piece of equipment that is ready for immediate delivery. It's primary purpose is to neutralize the effects of exposure to Nuclear Radiation. The unit is battery operated, portable, and fully automatic in all of its functions.

The Problem with Radiation Exposure

Nuclear radiation is dangerous to living systems because it causes "cell ionization". Simply put, when an x-ray passes through healthy tissue it leaves behind traces of high voltage electrostatic charge. These charges are free floating so when they finally attach to a cellular structure, they cause the formation of an ion. An "ionized" cell is a cell that has lost its neutral charge condition and now has either a net positive or net negative charge. Depending on the strength of the X-ray source, this cell ionization may be enough to kill the cell directly (therapeutic X-rays) or just enough to expose a film for other diagnostic purposes. The cells that are exposed are now modified by the presence of these traces of high voltage electrostatic charge. In fact, the "Roentgen", used to measure radiation, is the international standard for measuring these electrostatic charges.

It has long been known that these charges build up in cells and that there is a maximum amount of this ionization charge that a cell can hold before it becomes malignant or dies. Prior to this outcome, however, any electrostatic charge that a cell is holding is a predisposing factor for the appearance of cancer or some other less serious metabolic malfunction.

How Does the X-Erase work?

The X-Erase is the first technology available to the public that can discharge these electrostatic charges from living tissue and therefore render them back to the metabolic state they existed in before they were exposed to the radiation (ionizing source). Its electronic circuitry actually draws these electrostatic charges into itself and dissipates them harmlessly. Once removed, these electrostatic charges can no longer cause any harm, so the cells resume a more normal metabolic function.

Up until this time, the scientific community has not understood how to dissipate these radiation side effects in living tissue, and therefore has considered it "impossible". In this old way of thinking, the only way to live safely with radiation was to limit exposure. With the X-Erase, a broad new era of living safely with radiation can be realized because latent tissue damage can now be prevented, even after exposure to ionizing sources.

Who Needs an X-Erase?

Everyone who has ever been exposed to X-rays. Obviously, this includes anyone who has undergone Radiation Therapy as part of another Medical procedure. But it also includes anyone who has had diagnostic X-rays, mammograms, CAT-scans, Dental X-rays, Chiropractic X-rays or bone density studies. It also includes anyone who has spent many hours in front of an older computer monitor (CRT) or been an X-ray technician in a clinic.

Besides these more obvious sources, almost everyone has been exposed to increased radiation while flying in jet airplanes or when purchasing and installing a smoke detector for your home.

In short, anyone who has been exposed to ionizing radiation at sometime in their life. Since that is nearly everybody, everyone can benefit from having these electrostatic charges removed from their body by an X-Erase.

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