X-Erase Directions

Directions for Use of the X-Erase

The operation of the X-Erase is fully automatic. It only has an ON/OFF switch and two indicator lights. Internally, the unit sweeps through a whole sequence of activities that represents "one cycle" of action. When the cycle is over, it automatically re-sets and begins the cycle again. This process continues until the unit is turned OFF. When the unit is ON, the Red "RUN" Light is on. When the unit is beginning a new cycle, the Green "RESET" Light is also on. The unit resets every 8 or 9 minutes.

The X-Erase is easy to use. It may be used to clear local areas by simply placing the unit directly near that area and turning the unit ON. The X-Erase clears High Voltage Electro-Static Charges from the environment by proximity. This means that it clears whatever is closest to it best. The further away from the unit one is, the less the action.

The X-Erase also has a set of handles that can be plugged into it and held by a user. This mode of operation connects the user to within ¼ of an inch of the active elements of the circuitry within the X-Erase and maximizes the general clearing effect throughout the whole body. To clear the whole body using the X-Erase, simply plug the wires and handles that are provided into the plugs on the front, and hold onto the handles while the unit is running.

Placing the unit directly on an area of the body that has been exposed to x-rays is the best way to clear a local area. For example, holding the unit up to the face and holding it near the jaw on both sides is a good protocol to clear the effects of Dental X-rays. Holding the unit near the face and upper chest is a good protocol to clear the effects of prolonged computer screen exposure.

How Long is a Session?

It is still impossible to measure the exact amount of clearing that takes place during a session, since no equipment exists to measure it. Currently, it is estimated that one cycle (between 8 and 9 minutes) clears about 40% of accumulated electrostatic charges, when proximity to the unit is close. This generally means that 99% of the side effects from radiation exposure can be neutralized with a 90-minute exposure to the X-Erase. This is definitely true of inanimate objects. Living systems usually require repeated exposures to fully release all of the electrostatic charges from the deeper tissues.

For a complete clearing, use the X-Erase for 90-minutes a day for 7 days in a row. This may include holding the handles while the unit is running, as well as placing the unit near areas of known radiation exposure during each session.

If you believe that you have had significant exposure to radiation sources, begin the clearing process more slowly. Use the X-Erase for 30 minutes on the first day. Use it for 60 minutes on the second day. Then, begin using it for 90 minutes a day for 7 more days in a row. For extreme situations, additional days of use may be required.

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