X-Erase Testimonials

The following letters were received from people who have used an X-Erase. They describe their situation, how they used the unit, and the results they experienced. No medical claims are made or implied. The X-Erase simply neutralizes the side-effects of radiation exposure and allows the body to normalize on its own.

X-Erase Testimonial #1

February 9, 2003


As we discussed, here is a summary of my experience with the X-Erase device.

I recently undertook six weeks of daily radiation to the right chest wall and surrounding lymph areas following a total mastectomy. Both were treatments for Stage III breast cancer. I followed your instructions and placed the X-Erase device directly over the target area as soon as possible after each day's radiation and kept it in place for about an hour and a half.

At the recommendation of my radiation M.D., I also applied aloe from an aloe plant every evening and the contents of a vitamin E capsule every morning for the first 3 weeks. By the beginning of the 4th week, the target area skin was not only very red, which is usual, but also showed signs of an allergic reaction, something like poison oak. From then on, I discontinued the vitamin E and applied a 1% cortisone cream twice daily, as well as the evening aloe. The reaction did not disappear until two weeks after treatment ended.

My observation 2 months after radiation is that the skin and tissue in the treatment area look and feel identical to the untreated areas of my left breast and nearby skin and tissue. I can see no difference in color or texture between the treated and untreated areas. A colleague who has been through similar treatment (including daily application of aloe and vitamin E) has experienced permanent and marked darkening, toughening and thickening of her treated skin and tissue.

I had a follow-up visit with the M.D. supervising my radiation treatment 1 month after completion. He seemed quite surprised at the appearance of the treated area. He said something like, "This looks wonderful. You must be a really good healer."

I met with my oncology M.D. six weeks after completion of radiation and her observation was that my treated skin looked markedly better than that of her other patients who had undergone similar treatment. She also seemed surprised and pleased.

I have not yet told either of these physicians about the X-Erase. I will be meeting with my naturopath tomorrow and do intend to discuss my use of the X-Erase with her.

As you know, I'm delighted with the outcome and am inclined to attribute it to the X-Erase device.

Thank you so much,

R. F.
Portland, OR


X-Erase Testimonial #2

February 21, 2009


Three and a half years ago (in October 2005) I had radiation before cancer surgery on my bladder. The radiation was intense for 8 weeks and I was in so much pain from the radiation and damage from it that I would pass out from the pain before the surgery was scheduled.

The radiation was extensive over my full lower abdominal area, front and back, lower bowel and small intestines were affected by it. I lost my bladder from the radiation. For years later, I have had bowel and digestion problems daily with assimilation, digestion and elimination, as well as pain and nausea since the radiation.

Last June 2008 I had abdominal surgery to repair the small intestines where the radiation damaged and burned a hole in the intestine which had become infected and drained through my abdomen. I have done well after the surgery but have had indigestion and gas problems after every meal.

I was introduced to the X-Erase to help with the ionization from past radiation in February 2009. I had gone to see Dr. W. for eye problems and vertigo from a car accident 14 months ago. He put me on color therapy and it was and is working, no vertigo, but we discovered I was not healing or progressing as fast a I should have. This is why he loaned me the X-Erase to use. The night before I began using it, I had a difficult time sleeping and had intestinal cramps, pain that wrapped around both sides from lower ribs, over gall bladder, liver, kidney area on right side and stomach and kidney area on left side. Lower bowel was cramped with low back pain. Pain lasted 24 hours. This pain remained all day the next day with extreme nausea and very little appetite.

First treatment for 30 minutes was on February 9, 2009. I placed the electrodes over areas that hurt, and areas that I had had extensive radiation over the bowels and intestines. I also placed the machine itself over painful areas as well as placing electrodes anywhere it hurt. When the treatment was finished, I had an increased appetite, ate well, then laid down and slept for an hour. All the pain was gone from my body, it felt as though I had been tranquilized. An hour later it prompted a normal bowel movement which is not normal for me.

Went to bed two hours later and slept well all night in a deep sleep, with no pain. Next morning woke up with no pain, had an appetite to eat breakfast which is unusual for me with past nausea.

Second treatment was 60 minutes on February 10, 2009. Had some cramping over stomach, solar plexus area, and around lower colon. I kept moving the machine and electrodes over those areas as well as areas I had had radiation. When finished, the pain in those areas was also gone. I laid down and slept for 40 minutes, then went to lunch with my husband and ate heartily, which I have not done since last October 2008. It seemed to increase my energy this time.

Third morning I woke up after another nights rest without pain, and no nausea, had an appetite for breakfast and lunch. Had the 90 minute treatment, it relaxed me and took cramping out of my bowels and intestines again and low back. Had to take a nap again afterwards, felt good.

Fourth day, February 12, 2009. Slept well again all night and had no nausea, no pain and real hunger again in the morning, ate a hearty breakfast. Had energy to shop, which I had not been able to do in months. also was able to start walking again, which I had not been able to do in a year because of pain and dizziness. ate a good lunch and dinner with no nausea. No need for nap today, had energy. Used machine for 90 minutes again.

Fifth day, February 13, 2009. I slept good all night without pain again. have noticed that since my body and emotions have been so stressed, the treatment will either relax or give me energy, whichever I need at the moment. Was able to go for a walk again with husband which I had not been able to do in months. Had no pain or nausea, ate a good breakfast and had another 90 minute treatment. Slept for an hour afterwards again. Woke up hungry.

Sixth day, February 14th, woke up hungry, good appetite, 90 minute treatment relaxes my body, still need nap after each treatment. Gaining weight a little which is much needed.

Seventh day, February 15th. 90 minute treatment relaxed me again, good appetite. rest so well all night. still need nap after treatment.

Eighth day, February 16th. The treatment relaxed me again. Its like the cells relax in my body when I use the machine. I have a good appetite each day and am resting deeper at night.

Ninth day, February 17th. Have less cramps or aches in my body and sleep better, good appetite, and it is so relaxing to use. I can tell where I have not put the machine and where it is needed next. Especially in areas where I had so many radiation treatments. Each day it is as though my body craves another treatment to relax again. I am very thankful to have been able to have used this machine.

10th day, February 18th, 2009. Had a huge appetite today. 90 minute treatment relaxed me and gave me energy.

11th day, February 19th. I had eaten some food last night I was allergic to, and was in discomfort all night with intestinal pain. After an hour on the machine this morning, I was so relaxed and without pain, having not slept well most of the night before,. Slept about four hours today and woke up with no pain, and had hunger again. Slept all night. When I rest, I rest deep now. Not short spurts like I have done for years since the radiation treatments.

12th day, February 20th. I am so amazed how good I feel. The therapies the Eye Doctor is giving me is working better now and my hunger and energy are increased daily. It seems like my body requires more sleep and rest and when I do I am refreshed afterwards.

We definitely would like to purchase a machine so I can have on-going treatments with it. It has given me more relief than anything with the radiation effects which have been awful. This is the first thing I have used that makes my body feel like it is healing and repairing itself. I was unaware how stressed my body and emotions had been until I began to feel better.

Thank you so much for creating a machine like this.

D. J.
Spokane, Washington

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